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An Unconventional New York City Bucket List

Inspired by the pages of my own NYC bucket list that I started in 2018.

Click here for a guide on transit lines, secret dates, subway shops, and more.

  1. Hail a taxi cab (rite of passage).

  2. Do the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day.

  3. Try quiet clubbing/silent disco.

  4. Watch a rooftop film.

  5. Join an Improv Everywhere video.

  6. Do the Color Run.

  7. Have a go-to diner that I regularly meet my friends at.

  8. Be a regular at a restaurant or bar where the waiter knows my name and order.

  9. Rent a CitiBike and ride through the city.

  10. Shop at a sample sale.

  11. Eat at Burger Joint.

  12. Attend a gala or a charity ball.

  13. Crash a wedding or a bar mitzvah in a hotel.

  14. Go on a date to the Hayden Planetarium.

  15. Go to ComicCon and SantaCon (yep).

  16. Visit the Rockefeller Rooftop Gardens.

  17. Graffiti a wall.

  18. Have a photoshoot around the city.

  19. Be part of a movement or a parade.

  20. Wish on a coin and flip it into Bethesda Fountain.

  21. Work as an extra in a movie.

  22. Toss a paper plane with a message on it from a rooftop.

  23. Go on a motorcycle ride across the Verrazano Bridge.

  24. Visit a psychic/tarot card reader/palm reader.

  25. Take a midnight ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram.

  26. Stay in an AirBnb in all five boroughs.

  27. Buy a candy bar at Economy Candy.

  28. Go to an open house for an expensive apartment for fun.

  29. Jump onto a random bus and have no idea where it's going.

  30. Do everything on this website!


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