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Once Upon a Time in New York started as a pandemic pastime and has evolved into a project close to the heart. This site aims to provide content unlike tourist websites, mainstream city guides, and trend-following Instagram and TikTok accounts. It’s meant for people who have a wild passion for New York City, who want to gather as much information as possible about locations and experiences largely unknown. This is meant for the curious, for those who feel an overwhelming desire to discover new things. We always take the road less traveled and find adventure everywhere we go. We embrace spontaneity, fearlessness, and having a keen eye for what others overlook. We are hopeless romantics, subway readers, and people-watchers. We see New York City as a small but infinite universe. This is our favorite corner of the world.

If you're reading this, you're magical.


October 2023:



September 2023:


Website completed as of Feb. 2023. 

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